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How It Works

  • We provide trained onsite staff to your team for collections

  • We provide a portal to access results

  • Mako stores data incase of inspection for quick retrieval

  • Mako stays current on most relevant updates on mandates

  • Offer instant testing or PCR

The Change for

Companies with
100+ Employees.

On September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden announced a series of steps to combat the COVID-19  pandemic including a rule that would require companies with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing. If companies choose to not comply, there is a $14,000 fine. Implementation of this mandate begins February 9, 2022. Companies will be required to test every employee that has yet to be vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated must show proof of vaccine or proof of negative test.

1. Employers Sign Up

Our aim is to maximize resources available to employers and minimize added responsibilities to human resources teams.


Employers start our process by signing up to participate in our testing program

Account Created

MAKO will create an account and accommodate each employer individually for a customized solution


Employees can pre-register for testing or mass upload a roster for testing, removing paperwork for employers

2. Easy Roster Registration

After an employer signs up, the employer can upload an employee roster for pre-registration or can send out a link for their employees to register online via computer or phone.

MAKO provides reliable COVID-19 testing options chosen by the employer for their employees who are registered for testing.

3. Results Delivered

Each week MAKO will come to your workplace and test employees. MAKO will use an anterior nares nasal swab that is quick and accurate. Results are easily accessible via a patient portal for employees and administrative portal for employer key personnel.

Is Your Office
OSHA Compliant?

Sign Up Today For MAKO's On-Site Testing!

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